Bali Center of Sustainability ’17

This was the first time I tried woofing (WOOF Indonesia) and meeting people from all over the world wanting to learn more about permaculture and regenerative agriculture was truly a very special experience. For the past 2 years, I have started to completely turn my life around and help others understand the meaning of living a sustainable/ responsible lifestyle. Advocating on zero waste living while learning all about permaculture has taught me to appreciate the simpler things in life, which I seem to have forgotten. This is now my second farm stay this year and I will continue to learn more about it.

Reaching the farm was the most challenging, as I needed to find a driver from Bali Airport to take me up to the mountains. But, the three-hour journey was worth it. The view from the mountain was amazing….. We all slept in a large military tent with lots of other tiny critters sharing the space, including mice stealing natural deodorants, snacks, etc. We woke up early every morning and we took turns, who cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. We worked on the field for a few hours, took breaks and simply enjoyed the simplicity of every moment.

I am now in Barcelona wondering what to do!

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