Detox your life!

What is it? 

This interactive workshop breaks down into two sessions: 1) a brief lecture, which will walk participants through the causes-effects and impact of current consumption patterns and waste levels on a global scale, while focusing on South East Asia; and 2) a do-it-yourself workshop, which will show participants how to live more sustainable by reducing waste and chemicals from your daily life by making your own hygiene and/ or beauty products you can easily find at home or your local markets.

Madeleine, a ‘nearly’ zero waste blogger and a passionate educator will share experiences from her own journey of eliminating excess from her daily life. She will also cover the 6 R’s (rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse/ repair and rot), which have helped her during this process.

This workshop will guide you towards living a safe and simpler life, while caring for the environment and at the same time, saving money. You will take home a DIY product of your choice (can be discussed in advance).

Who should attend?

Any individuals who are interested in sustainable living, zero-waste behavior, do-it-yourself products, and reducing the cost of household spending.

Duration: 2-3 hours (max 20 pax per workshop)