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Ask yourself, whether you are ready to CHANGE! If yes, let’s work together on creating a mindful lifestyle together, while reducing waste, becoming more resourceful and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. 

We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


My biggest inspiration to live more sustainable life is from here. Long before, I had felt like I care for the environment but i cant do much. The founder of this page, Madeliene, has shown me by her real way of living. In this page, there are a lot of practical steps and insights which everyone can easily follow and start take action! – Gift Preekamol Chantaranijakorn – Found of Madee Social Impact Hub Bangkok, Thailand

It is so easy to just buy & takeaway. Over time you realize you are just throwing them away and harming ourselves and the environment. Over the years, and after meeting Madeleine Recknagel I’ve become more aware, reducing and learning to refuse unnecessary plastic and decluttering is healthy/mindful. I usually take a bottle for buying coffee and saying NO for straws when I can 😉 Thank you & it’s a joyful experience as others see you bring the bottle and they learn, too. At BU the cafe reduces the price for drinks if one brings their own cup/bottle/glass etc. – Bhavna Kemlani – Bangkok, Thailand

The time we met was a couple of days over a two weeks period but what we all left in each other’s heart is so much. It’s so awesome to see and know each of us continued to do after that encounter. It’s been so inspiring beyond words to see your work and how you lead the talk. How you not only practice but empower countless others to be them and more. Thank you Madeleine for all you have done in Bangkok. Have an even more brilliant journey forward and all the best for your endeavours. Maybe we will meet again one day! :)) Yap Li Yu – Singapore

She has inspired me to take a step forward towards taking care of our home. Mother Earth is our home and all the trash we throw out stay right here on our home earth, they don’t disappear. Everytime you buy something or throw it, take a look at it and remember, it will stay forever with you. It will not be easy but it’s a start. 💛 #ResponsibleConsumption #HomeCare #EarthCare. – Iris May – former University Student, Bangkok University

Never before I tough it would be possible to step into a sustainable world. I always have a sustainable mind, but the environment I live in and the people surrounding me (majority of them) shares different values. I’m so grateful I have met Madeleine, as my university professor, who shows me that it is possible to live in sustainably in this unsustainable world. Madeleine has guided me through events and introduced me to sustainability competitions, where I found my passion, my values and my interest. I have met new people through introduction and encouragement from Madeleine. Now a days, every time I saw anything that is unsustainable, Madeleine’s face would popped up first in my mind. I am more aware of my surrounding and the environment and realised, what a world we are living in. I was lost and didn’t know what to do with life (at the age of 28 without job or any higher education degree), without her, I never would have found my way. Thank you would never be enough for this wonderful women. Blink – Bing Medhawarintr Dhanarachwattana Bangkok, Thailand