Zero Waste Home

Step 1: List all the products or items you consume in your home environment in the first column (map is provided below, but can be written on anything).

Step 2: List all the things you can’t live without, but also write down the possible zero waste/ plastic free option.

Step 3: Use it to write down which things you can easily obtain in your regular super-/ farmers market and which things might require learning/ time to make, or shopping at a different place.

Step 4: Next have a think about the barriers which might stop you from making the change. Write down how you will deal with it. For example if you want to remove your need for a bin liner but find composting unpleasant or inconvenient because the climate you are living in would attract to many creepy crawlers or you don’t have the space… so check for other options: community gardens, composting options, etc.

Step 5: Finally give all the quick and easy changes a priority 1 rating. Give the things that are a little bit harder to change a priority 2 rating, and everything that requires a significant behavior change, investment or learning something new a priority 3 rating.

Now begin implementing all your first priorities. This will enable you to get off a great start! As you work your way through your second and third priorities remember to go at a pace that feels right for you. You are not competing with anyone else and not everyone has access to the same support systems. You might want to try focusing on one change per week, fortnight or month. And remember to consider “The Buyerarchy of Needs and 5 R’s” as you go through this process.

zero waste map