Koh Sak – Mother’s Day clean up Aug 12th/ 13th

It’s been another intensive weekend, rather quickly planned with students and friends as volunteers. What else could one do on a 3-day weekend, except for cleaning the beach? On Saturday, we spent the entire morning collecting all sorts of waste (#plasticbottles, #plasticstraws, etc) and in the afternoon, we went for the much needed swim. The initial plan was to check on the coral reefs in the area, but the water was really a dark green making this mission quite impossible. We returned on Sunday morning with a few students and my friend Mara to count our findings from the beach, organize the sorting area and go for a swim in the afternoon. Some of the waste we collected will be used at a Waste Installation of a Whale at the UN headquarters in order to raise awareness about this issue. All in all, its been a great weekend!