No Plastic Waste Campaign – GIZ Thailand

(Photo Credit: GIZ Thailand)

I was recently invited to speak to employees at the GIZ office in Bangkok and help support their “Do something drastic, cut the Plastic” (No-Plastic Waste Campaign) by sharing my own experience of living a plastic-free lifestyle in this city of over 14 million inhabitants. Its been a wonderful experience to talk about what I do, but also hear from employees on their plans to cut waste in the office environment and things they already do….

Can you believe it, but they produce their own Fruit Peel Enzyme in the office kitchen! You don’t know what it is?
This is basically fermented fruit and vegetable peels. And why would you want this? Well, it can be used to save a lot of money on detergents, can keep your home drains clear, and can fertilise your garden and kill pests. And it actually is good for the environment, as opposed to detergents, pesticides etc. which are obviously bad for the environment. They get their fruit peel waste from the local market in front of the office and put it to good use.

They also want to inspire the whole office building to reduce plastic bag waste!!! What an inspirational team of like-minded people!!!

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