True Little Monk June’18

Over these past few months I have spent much time thinking on how much my life has changed since I set foot on my first plane ride to the US in 1995. Almost 23 years now and here I am as a special Guest on a Wisdom Training Program for Monk Novices…. I would like to #reflect on this special #experience  by quoting Ajahn Jayasaro “Practicing the Dhamma does not necessarily mean that the path of life becomes smooth. What does become smooth is our journey along that path. Imagine a rutted mountain road full of potholes. Now imagine the difference between traveling along that road in an old truck with no supension an in an air-conditoned S.U.V. It is the vehicle that matters; and the most important vehicle we have our mind.”

Teaching these young minds on #mindful#living has helped plant a #seed, but it’s now in their hands to take this knowledge from this program and apply it where they see it fit. During the program they explored the different R’s and how it can be applied to anyone’s lifestyle. We can all rethink, reduce, reuse, refuse, repair and rot. I think looking at what composting is what a challenge for them to see it in an urban environment, but it was worth a try. Toward the end each one of them got to draw on what their sustainable life would look like once they returned home. It might take a few months or years for them to see how all these pieces fit, but having this opportunity to learn about #mindfulness is a great tool to use on their journey called life. It has certainly helped me find a more peaceful way to deal with today’s challenges.

About the Program:

TRUE LITTLE MONK : The Wisdom Training Programme for Novices”, The first reality documentary that inspires a world of compassion and kindness. , is presented by Charoen Pokphand Group and True Corporation Plc. The intention of this program is to broadcast the real lives of young boys of different races who live together to learn the Buddhism way to peace of mind. They learn how to meditate, how to develop their thinking skills and mindfulness, and how to live together in a relationship of interdependence.

The objectives are that viewers all over the world are beneficial and can apply these practices and teachings to their daily lives, bringing peace to the world.

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